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"Voices of Rondo:
Oral Histories of Saint Paul's Historic Black Community"

Voices of Rondo: Oral Histories of Saint Paul's Historic Black Community includes thirty-three individual short stories that share the varied aspects of Black culture in this dynamic, diverse community. Voices of Rondo encapsulates the experience of Blacks living in northern cities throughout the United States. These stories celebrate the community and the culture of those that lived and worked in the vibrant Rondo neighborhood during the first half of the Twentieth Century. We glimpse the challenges of racism and poverty, and share the victories of a community that educated its children to become strong, to find personal pride, and to become the next generation of leaders in Saint Paul and beyond.

Voices of Rondo Companion DVD brings to life through video the stories of fifteen of the thirty-three individual storytellers from the book Voices of Rondo: Oral Histories of Saint Paul's Historic Black Community. This companion DVD begins with a forward in which seven storytellers bring light to the experiences of the dynamic, diverse Rondo community. Then we have the opportunity to share a variety of the aspects of Black American culture in fifteen short video chapters of six to thirteen minutes. The short video chapters are an introduction to full chapters in the book, and are in no way meant to replace reading the book.

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